Brightening & Exfoliating Rice Body Gel

Brightening & Exfoliating Rice Body Gel

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With this rice exfoliating gel, you need not to worry about having rough skin now. Have smooth and shiny skin by using this magical gel and get wrinkle free ageless look. It gently scrubs your skin while exfoliating and nourishing it at the same time. Its natural ingredients remove impurities and dead skin while promoting regeneration of the healthy cells. Furthermore, the gel helps to fight the signs of aging and even helps minimize pores. All you have to do is just massage the gel onto your damp skin and rinse it off with lukewarm water. You will see the amazing result immediately!

Skin Care Benefits:

1. Anti-Aging, hydrating moisturizing, whitening, smoothing.

2. It helps remove dead skin and make is smooth.

3. This gel contains rice extracts for perfect exfoliation that helps massage skin and improve skin texture.

4. Extracts of citrus, aloe, hyaluronic acid contained in it are moisturizing and nourishing components that restore youth.

How To Use:

Ingredients In The Gel:

Rice extract, Orange extract, aloe extract and glycerin. Moreover, it also contains moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agents like Shea Butter and Lavender extract, leaving skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Perfect for use on face, body and hands.

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